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Cognitive Science

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Cognitive Science
Robert Van Gulick, Director
522 Hall of Languages

The minor in cognitive science offers study in recent interdisciplinary research on cognition. Relevant courses are offered in several departments and colleges, including L.C. Smith College of Engineering and Computer Science and the linguistics, philosophy, and psychology departments within the College of Arts and Sciences. Students may pursue study in cognition science either by enrolling in the interdisciplinary minor or by majoring in selected studies in cognitive science (see selected studies). Faculty advisors are available within each of these units to help students plan a course of study.


The minor requires 18 credits, according to the following distribution:

Students take the core course COG 301 Introduction to Cognitive Science. In addition, students take at least four courses, chosen from at least three of the four areas below:

Cognitive Processes

  • PSY 322 Cognitive Psychology
  • PSY 426 Cognitive Neurochemistry
  • PSY 437 Cognition and Aging

Conceptual Foundations

  • CIS 467 Introduction to Artificial Intelligence
  • PHI 377 Philosophy of Psychology
  • PHI 378 Minds and Machines
  • PHI 487 History of Epistemology

Formal Systems


To complete the minor in cognitive science students take an additional cognitive science course, either a fifth course chosen from those listed above or, with the advisor's approval, a credit bearing independent study course (COG 490).