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Chinese Studies

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Chinese Studies
Gareth J. Fisher, Director
501 Hall of Languages

Faculty Gareth J. Fisher, Jeehee Hong, George Kallander, Norman A. Kutcher, Edwin I.S. Van Bibber-Orr

Minor Requirements

The minor requires 19 credits and attendance at either the SU Abroad Hong Kong or Beijing programs; 12 credits must be at the 300 level or above.

Core Requirements (10 credits):

  • One year of (Mandarin) Chinese language (the equivalent of Chinese 101 and 102) 8 credits
  • HUM 403 China: Past, Present and Future ( Beijing or Hong Kong) 2 credits

Other Requirements (9 credits):
Three additional courses with a China focus chosen from:

Offered in London through SU Abroad:

  • PSC 300 China, Rise of a Superpower

Offered in Beijing through SU Abroad:

  • ANT 380 Chinese Culture and Society
  • GEO 300 Geographical Approach to Chinese History and Culture
  • HST 413  China Encounters the West: Qing Dynasty to Early Republic
  • IRP 431 Environment and Development in China
  • PAI 515/PSC 431 China in Transition

Offered in Hong Kong through SU Abroad:

  • ECN 363  Economic Development of China
  • PSC 425 Hong Kong in the World Political Economy
  • REL 387 Confucianism & Buddism in Everyday Asian Life

Offered on the SU main campus:

One (only) of these courses( listed below) may replace one course with a China focus (listed above):

  • PSC 346 Comparative Third World Politics (when China is the focus)
  • BUA/HST/PSC 400.1 Culture, Business, and Political Economies of East Asia (Hong Kong only)
  • HOA 391 Survey of Asian Art
  • HST 401 Research Seminar (SU Main campus only)
  • LIT 382 Asian Cinema (Hong Kong only)
  • PSC 442 Democratization in East Asia (Hong Kong only)
  • Selected topics courses may be petitioned to count toward the minor.