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Asian/Asian American Studies

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Asian/Asian American Studies

Prema Kurien, Director
302 Maxwell Hall

Faculty Carol Babiracki, Tej K. Bhatia, Manan Desai, Gareth J. Fisher, Ann Grodzins Gold, George Kallander, Prema Kurien, Norman A. Kutcher, Amy Lutz, Yingyi Ma, Devashish Mitra, Iswari P. Pandey, Deborah Pellow, Romita Ray, Farhana Sultana, Susan S. Wadley, Joanne P. Waghorne

More than two thirds of the Asian American population is comprised of immigrants whose personal and migration histories, educational achievements and attitudes have been molded by their Asian heritages and who continue to maintain connections with their homelands. This program was developed out of an awareness that we cannot understand Asian Americans without understanding the histories and cultures of Asia and vice versa, that we cannot understand contemporary Asia without understanding how American politics, capital, religion, culture and Asian American diasporas have shaped countries in that continent.

The minor will consist of 18 credits, 12 of which must be in advanced 300- to 500 level coursework.

18 credits, 12 at the 300 or higher level

I. Required Courses (6 credits) :

AAA 101 Introduction to Asian and Asian American Studies
SAS/SOC 301 Contemporary Asian Americans

II. One of these courses focusing on migration, ethnicity and/or race relations:

(lower division)
ETS 184 Ethnicity and Literary Texts (relevant sections)
SOC 248 Ethnic Inequalities and Intergroup Relations

(upper division)
ANT 367 Gender in a Globalizing World (relevant sections)
GEO 400 Geographies of Migration & Mobility
PSC 369 Global Migration

III. At least one course focused on Asia from the following list:

(lower division)
REL/SAS 165 Islam
REL/SAS 185 Hinduism
• REL 186 Buddhism
SAS 283 India’s Religious Worlds

(upper division)
ANT/SAS 324 Modern South Asian Cultures
• ECN 365 The World Economy
• *ETS 350 Reading Nation and Empire (relevant sections)
HOA 391 Survey of Asian Art
HOM 384/SAS 385: Music and Dance of India
• *HOA 400/ SAS 400 Modern and Contemporary South Asian Art
•  HOM 482 The Roots of Global Pop
• *GEO 300 Environment & Development in Global South
• HST 393 East Asia and the Socialist Experience
• HST 395 Modern Japan
• HST 397 Modern Korea
• *HST 300 Partition of India thru Films
• HST 320 Traditional China
HST 329/SAS 329 Making of Modern India
• HST 388 Vietnam: Movies and Memoirs
• PSC 335 Politics of East Asia
• REL 385 Religion in Chinese Society
• REL/SAS 465 Beyond the Veil: Gender Politics in Islam
SAS 384 Goddesses, Women and Power in Hinduism
• TRF 560 Bollywood and Beyond
• *WGS 400 Women, Gender, and Violence in a Transnational Context

IV. At least one additional course on Asian Americans
• ETS 315 (when offered on Asian Americans) Ethnic Literatures and Cultures
• REL 487 Global Hinduism
• WRT 428 Asian American Rhetoric and Writing
SOC 300 (new course) Asian American Experience: Education and Work
*PSC 300 (new course) The US and Asia

V. One more course from parts III or IV or one course in an Asian language (Chinese, Hindi/Urdu, Japanese, Korean)

*New courses not yet regularized