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Art History

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Theodore Philip Cateforis, Chair
308 Bowne Hall

Romita Ray, Undergraduate Director
308 Bowne Hall

Faculty Luis Castañeda, Laurinda Dixon, Wayne Franits, Jeehee Hong, Richard Ingersoll, Matilde M. Mateo, Alick McLean, Jonathan Nelson, Gary M. Radke, Romita Ray, Sascha Scott

The Department of Art and Music Histories was one of the first in the country dedicated to the study of the history of art and music from an interdisciplinary perspective. The department offers courses in most major periods of the history of visual and musical arts from ancient to postmodern times. The research and teaching specialties of the department’s faculty include 19th-and 20th-century music, the history of opera, ethnomusicology, art and medicine in the early modern period, Italian Renaissance art, 17th-century Dutch painting, Asian Art, 19th- and 20th-century European art, and American and Latin American art. In view of the Department of Art and Music Histories interdisciplinary approach, courses examine the histories of art and music within the cultural, sociopolitical, economic, and religious contexts of the societies that created them.

The minor in art history requires 18 credits of coursework. These courses must be upper-level HOA courses (300 level and above) in art history, drawn from the list of departmental offerings below. However, students may petition to have up to 6 credits of selected topics courses in art history (HOA 300 or HOA 400) count toward the minor. In addition, students may petition to have up to 6 credits of art history courses taken outside the department count toward the minor.

HOA 105/106  or HOA 276 are prerequisites but do not count toward the minor.
HOA 301 Origins of Western Art
HOA 303/ANT 422 Etruscans and Romans
HOA 304 Roman Art and Architecture
HOA 311 Italian Medieval Art
HOA 312 Romanesque Art
HOA 313 Gothic Art
HOA 340 Studies in Baroque Art*
HOA 350 Art in 18th Century Europe
HOA 365/FRE 439 Art in France from Impressionism to Surrealism*
HOA 366 Nineteenth and Twentieth Century Italian Art*
HOA 412 The Gothic Spell
HOA 421 Early Renaissance Art
HOA 422 High Renaissance Art and Mannerism
HOA 423 Artistic Patronage of the Medici*
HOA 425/ECS 441 Leonardo Artist and Engineer
HOA 426 Michelangelo's Italy
HOA 428 Research Problems in Italian Art
HOA 430 Northern Renaissance Art: 15th Century
HOA 431 Northern Renaissance Art: 16th Century
HOA 440/WGS 449 Women in Art
HOA 445 Baroque Art in Southern Europe
HOA 446 Baroque Art in Northern Europe
HOA 458 Art of Romanticism
HOA 461 Early 20th Century (European) Art
HOA 462 European Art Between the Wars
HOA 463 Modernism and Postmodernism
HOA 522 Botticelli*
HOA 530 History of Printmaking
HOA 540 Seventeenth-Century Dutch Painting
HOA/HOM 541 Arts and Ideas in the 17th Century
HOA 556 Problems in Art History
HOA/HOM 560 Arts and Ideas in the 19th Century
HOA/HOM 575 Arts and Ideas in Contemporary Culture
HOA 576 Topics in American Art

(*Denotes courses taught abroad through SU Abroad.)