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Karen Holl, Manager of Advising and Records
201 Slocum Hall
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Chair:  Timothy Stenson, 201 Slocum

Faculty Bruce Abbey, Sarosh Anklesaria, Jean-François Bédard, Larry Bowne, Lori Brown, Theodore Brown, Bruce Coleman, Julia Czerniak, Lawrence Davis, Alexandra French, Terrance Goode, Martin Hättasch, Susan Henderson, Elizabeth Kamell, Randall Korman, Mark Linder, Brian Lonsway, Ryan Ludwig, Sinéad Mac Namara, Jonathan Massey, Arthur McDonald, Anne Munly, Michael Pelken, Richard Rosa, Francisco Sanin, Yutaka Sho, Edward Sichta, Timothy Stenson, Robert Svetz


Non-architecture majors may, with the permission of their home school or college, pursue a 21-credit program leading to a minor in architecture. Successful completion of the minor requires a 2.0 GPA in the 21 credits. To enroll in the minor in architecture, students may obtain a “Declaration of Minor in Architecture” form from the School of Architecture, and then secure the appropriate signatures from their home college.


To complete the minor in architecture, students must take the courses listed below. No course substitutions may be made for minor requirements.

Required Course

ARC 133/CAS 133

Introduction to the History of Architecture I (Spring)


Required Course

ARC 134/CAS 134

Introduction to the History of Architecture II (Fall)


Choose 1 Course

ARC 194

Introduction to Architectural Drawing for Nonmajors (Fall)

Choose 1 Course

ARC  101

The Art of Architecture for Nonmajors (Spring)

Choose 1 Course

ARC 394

Architectural Design for Nonmajors (Spring)

Plus two courses from the following list:

Chooses 2  Courses

ARC 332/HOA 323

Sixteenth-Century Italian Architecture


ARC 334

The Architecture of Revolutions


ARC 335/HOA 322

Early Renaissance Architecture in Italy


ARC 336/HOA 324

Italian 17thCentury Architecture


ARC 337/HOA 374

American Architecture, Settlement to 1860


ARC 338/HOA 375

American Architecture, 1860 – World War I


ARC 431/HOA 479

Early Modern Architecture


ARC 432/HOA 419

The City in Architectural History


ARC 433/HOA 439

French Architecture:  16thand 17thCenturies


ARC 435/HOA 389

Islamic Architecture


ARC 436/HOA 475

Modern Architecture:  The International Style to the Present


ARC 538/HOA 423

Artistic Patronage of the Medici


ARC 566/HOA 577

Introduction to Preservation