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Applied Statistics

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Applied Statistics

Pinyuen Chen, Advisor
215 Carnegie Library

Faculty Pinyuen Chen, Peng Gao, Susan H. Gensemer, Vernon L. Greene, Christine L. Himes, Chihwa (Duke) Kao, Hyune-Ju Kim, Yingyi Ma, Jan Ivar Ondrich, Jeffrey M. Stonecash, Raja Velu, Janet Wilmoth, Douglas A. Wolf, Larry L. Wolf, Yildiray Yildirim

To complete this minor, students take at least 18 credits from the distribution below. Courses are selected in consultation with a member of the Program Committee. With permission from the Program Committee, students receive credits toward the minor for other courses that have sufficient statistics content.

Basic Statistics (3 credits)

  • APM 395 Probability and Statistics for Engineering*
  • CIS 321 Introduction to Probability and Statistics
  • ECN 521 Economic Statistics
  • MAS 261 Introductory Statistics for Management
  • MAT 122 Probability and Statistics for the Liberal Arts
  • MAT 221 Elementary Probability and Statistics I
  • MAT 521 Introduction to Probability and Statistics
  • MFE 326 Probability and Statistics Methods for Engineers
  • STT 101 Introduction to Statistics

Regression Analysis (3 credits)

Additional Coursework (12 credits)

  • APM 510 Statistical Analysis*
  • ECS 525 Probability for Engineers I
  • ECS 526 Statistics for Engineers
  • GEO 386 Quantitative Geographical Analysis
  • MAT 122 Probability and Statistics for the Liberal Arts II
  • MAT 222 Elementary Probability and Statistics II
  • MAT 525 Mathematical Statistics
  • MAT 526 Probability
  • MAS 362 Decision Tools for Management
  • MAS 477 Time-Series Analysis and Forecasting
  • MAX 201 Quantitative Methods for the Social Sciences
  • PSY 252 Statistical Methods II
  • SOC 318 Introduction to Research

*Courses with an APM prefix are offered by the SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry.