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Minor in Animation

Contact:  Andy Fedak, Assistant Professor of Computer Art,

The VPA Minor in Animation and Visual Effects creates a focus for students interested in animation and visual effects production.  The core requirements of this minor introduce professional animation and visual effects techniques, which then are applied to advanced collaborative courses focusing on one of the two emphasis (or both).  The menu selection courses allow students to investigate studies that are critically related to the topic, allowing for both broad and specific research geared towards their own particular interests.  

Admission requirements

Students interested in this minor should meet with the faculty contact. Prospective students must submit a current transcript, a letter of interest not to exceed 1500 words, and any work in the form of digital media files on CD or DVD that may be related to the minor.  There are no absolute requirements in terms of number of works or GPA – acceptance into the minor will be made solely by the faculty contact for the minor upon review of application materials. Students need to maintain a 3.0 GPA average in the minor curriculum; otherwise they may be disenrolled from the minor. 

Curricular Requirements 
Core requirements (9 credits) 

CAR 101 Introduction to 3D Animation and VFX (3)
CAR 201 Intermediate 3D Animation and VFX (3)
CAR 301 Advanced 3D Animation and VFX (3)

Advanced core requirements  – choose any 2 of the following (6 credits) 

CAR 401 Animation Workshop I (3)
CAR 402 Visual Effects Workshop I (3)
CAR 501 Animation Workshop II (3)
CAR 502 Visual Effects Workshop II (3)

Menu selection - choose any 2 of the following (6 credits) 

CAR 302 Previz for Animation (3)
FIL 321 Filmmaking: Animation (3)
ART 250 Filmmaking: Cinematic Modes (3)
ILL 273 Drawing for Illustration (3)
ILL 274 Sequential Illustration (pre-req ILL 273) (3)
DRA 105 Intro to Acting for non-majors (3)
CAR 415 History of Animation (3)
CAR 120 Experimental Animation (3)
FIL 228 Film Scriptwriting (3)
FND 114 Drawing through the Figure (3)
FND 114 Narrative Drawing (3)
PTG 353 Anatomy (3)
SCU 295 Introductory Sculpture (3)
FIL 225 Problems in Film Perception (3)

Total Credits: 21