Academic Rules


SU maintains a permanent academic transcript showing complete course and grade-earned information for every student, matriculated or non-matriculated, who takes credit-bearing coursework through any SU program. The transcript may not be modified or selectively deleted for any reason, including ignorance of deadlines or academic rules. Once a degree is conferred, the transcript may not be changed except for subsequently discovered fraud or academic dishonesty, assessments that more accurately represent academic work completed prior to degree certification, or to correct administrative error. In extreme cases, such changes may include the rescinding of a degree.

Transcripts of courses taken and degrees received at SU are maintained by the Registrar’s Office in accordance with the policies of the American Association of Collegiate Registrars and Admissions Officers. Official transcripts show the entire record of all coursework, both undergraduate and graduate, matriculated and non-matriculated. Undergraduate and graduate transcript records print separately, but are issued and sent together for students with more than one SU academic career. Coursework is displayed chronologically within each career record, with one GPA calculation for the career. However, within that distinction the transcript is not degree-specific: i.e., it does not designate courses that apply to multiple specific degree programs at the same level. Such information may only be obtained from the student’s school/college for undergraduate degrees or the academic department for graduate programs or the College of Law for law degrees.

All courses taken at SU Abroad centers are listed on students’ transcripts. Credit hours and grades are computed in the GPA in the same manner as any other Syracuse University courses. Courses taken through SU Abroad at foreign institutions may be listed on students’ transcripts with credit hours and grades computed in the GPA in the same manner as any other Syracuse University course, or as transfer credit, as determined by SU departmental review.

SU does not maintain a transcript record of SU courses taken by SUNY ESF students. For ESF students, ESF is the college of record. ESF courses taken by matriculated SU students appear on the SU transcript and calculate in the same way as SU courses, except for graduate students admitted to concurrent master’s degree programs.

Transcripts may be obtained from the Registrar’s Office. The student’s signature must appear on all transcript requests. Students making a request in person must present appropriate identification. SU reserves the right to withhold copies of transcripts of students who have unfulfilled financial obligations to the University or by request of the Office of Judicial Affairs.
Access to transcripts and other student records is protected by the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act. (See “Student Rights Under the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act” )