Program Information

Graphic Design

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Contact: Anthony R. Golden, Chair
Department of Multimedia Photography and Design
318 Newhouse 3, 315-443-2304

Faculty Anthony R. Golden, Ken Harper, Thomas Kennedy, Lawrence Mason Jr., Bruce Strong, David C. Sutherland, Sherri Taylor

Students interested in visual communications are drawn to the graphic design program because of its emphasis on both design, image, interactivity, motion graphics, and communications.  Students can develop design skills for both print and multimedia environments, as they also develop communications writing skills, photography skills, and knowlege of communications law, ethics, and business.

Admission to the program is based on acceptance of a portfolio of photography, graphics work, and communications writing after completing GRA 217 and PHO 301.  


Students majoring in graphic design must complete 38 credits within the Newhouse School of Public Communications. The major requirements follow.

Required courses (32 Newhouse credits) 

COM 101        Practical Grammar for Public Communications (1 credit)
COM 107        Communications and Society
COM 117        Multimedia Storytelling
COM 344        Diversity and Media Issues (1 credit, plus 3 credits of Arts and Sciences)*
COM 505        Communications Law for Journalists  or
COM 506        Communications Law for Television, Radio, Film
GRA 217         Introduction to Graphic Design
GRA 356         Type and Image for Multimedia (2 credits)
GRA 437         Typographic Design
GRA 447         Motion Graphics and User Experience
GRA 477         Graphic Design Problems
NEW 205        News Writing**
PHO 301        Introduction to Photography for Multimedia
PHO 357        Photography for Graphic Design (1 credit)

*COM 346     Race, Gender, and the Media can be used to satisfy the diversity requirement instead of COM 344 and an approved course in the College of Arts and Sciences.

**Or other Newhouse writing class by petition

Capstone Requirement  (3 credits)

MPD 478       Graphic Design Capstone 

Additional Requirements 

Collaborative Intensive Experience
Global Experience
EEE 370        Introduction to Entrepreneurship and Emerging Enterprises 
                        (Whitman School of Management)
PHI 293         Ethics and Media Professions (College of Arts and Sciences)

Newhouse elective (3 credits)

Graphic design majors are required to take one Newhouse elective.

Total:  38 Newhouse credits required.