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Bethaida Gonzalez, Dean
700 University Ave.

Welcome to University College, the home of part-time study at Syracuse University.

SU undergraduates and non-matriculated graduates taking 11 or fewer credits per semester are considered part-time students. Students register through UC, and receive Syracuse University degrees upon completion of their academic program. UC offers open enrollment in most courses, allowing any interested student to earn SU credits if he or she meets the academic requirements. Part-time and full-time undergraduates take the same curriculum and can choose from many different majors offered by the various schools and colleges at Syracuse University.

We know that earning a degree is your goal, but many obstacles may stand in your way. Juggling family, job, and community responsibilities requires a commitment that can be challenging, so UC offers courses in flexible formats that allow you to build your academic schedule around your commitments at home and at work.